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Giving Glory To God

Testimony is one of the surest ways of growing faith in a community as well as giving the glory of our blessing to God. When the body of Christ shares in suffering or praise, they express God moving on earth. Paul states this nicely in 1 Corinthians 12:21-26. We are all one body and through testimony we know how to pray and praise. Read and watch how the Lord is working in our community.

Quinton and Rosemary Forester' Testimony
 Quinton Forester

“Quinton grew up in a toxic, hurtful family environment. At age 2 he was placed in the...”

Quinton and Rosemary

Quinton grew up in a toxic, hurtful family environment. At age 2 he was placed in the Missouri foster care system. After moving from house to house, he was finally adopted at 7. His adopted father was incredibly abusive and beat him daily for 8 years. At age 15, Quinton fought back and found himself in the juvenile court system. At that point he did his best to cut all ties to his adopted family. Rosemary had a similar family experience. Both of her parents abused drugs. She moved out and back into with her parents three times throughout her teen years. Her extended family were eventually one of the causes that made her homeless. Quinton and Rosemary have been together 10 years and have been married 4. Due to bad relations with family and abusing drugs, they found themselves on the streets of Springfield. They were homeless for a year and a half, during which time they found themselves in a perpetual state of moving from place to place. In March 2018, Quinton and Rosemary finally decided they'd had enough of that life style. After joining the program with NLEC, they have professed that they feel called to ministry for life. Both have grown so much spiritually and physically. They are thankful for what God has done in their lives and both recognize God's amazing providence. They want others, who may be going through the same trials, to see that it is possible to overcome these obstacles. "I love having a roof over my head, getting closer to God, and taking care of others. I am reading through the whole Bible for the first time, and that's been a huge help!" said Quinton. "I get to help others and I enjoy helping others out. I get to see my kids, and I can focus on making myself and my community better." said Rosemary

Janet Beggerly Testimony
 Janet Beggerly

“James 2:14-17 is my passion! I have been helping at the Center for a year. I started...”

Janet Beggerly

“James 2:14-17 is my passion! I have been helping at the Center for a year. I started slow, getting my feet wet by learning how things worked. And I love it. I have served meals, prepared meals, gifted items, but God's true purpose was getting to interact with the homeless who came daily to the Center. So many of them want to know someone cares. They love being prayed for, listened to, and asked about their day, their hopes for the future. There are people who come regularly, who have been coming for years. There are some who come for a while then don't come at all. That's the hardest part for me. But I know God is in charge and He is watching over all of them. These people are kind and caring and appreciative for anything we do. I won't say I always come with a great spirit. Life gets in my way too. But I have always left this center feeling blessed beyond measure! I have Christ's love for these people and I count my blessings for getting the honor to help them have a brighter day, hopefully showing them God's love. I believe so much in the scripture from Romans 12-6-8. We each have a gift from God. Find your gift, and come help!”

Chris Aaron Testimony
 Chris Aaron

“My name is Pastor Chris Aaron Rice and I'm one of the managers here at the...”